How you choose to fuel your body impacts your overall health and wellbeing. Our team can help you ensure your nutritional health is maximising your overall wellness.


Fitness matters! NextGen Wellness offers plenty of advice, products and services to assist you to function at your best and enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

Weight Management

Our weight management programs ensure you look and feel your best as you release weight. One of them is so easy it will fit right into your current lifestyle.

Grooming Products

We offer beauty and personal care products that use certified organic botanicals and natural mineral pigments to enhance your natural beauty from the inside out.  

Pet Health

How much do you love your fur family? We know how much we love ours which is why we offer a new pet health range including a natural pet shampoo and supplements.


NextGen Wellness collaborates with many different professionals across a variety of industries, to bring you the latest in health and wellness products and services.

Wednesday Win

To reward you for your efforts as you take extra good care of your health, we reduce the rate of one of our best selling products each week. Check in on Wednesday!

Meet the Team

We have a very friendly, energetic team that makes NextGen Wellness the successful business is it today. Whether you’re online or in store – say hi! – we’d love to meet you.