Meet the NextGen Wellness Team

We have a very friendly, energetic team that makes NextGen Wellness the successful business is it today. The team includes:

Chris Dixon-Hughes

Owner / Wellness Consultant

Chris created NextGen Wellness to assist people in the local community before expanding it onto a broader scale.

Chris lives and breathes all the products and practices he shares with his customers and has had his own successful experiences he shares with others.

Passionate about health and holistic practices, Chris has a wealth of knowledge on gut health, water filtration, nutrition and general wellness practices.

As well as owning the business, Chris offers wellness consultations and hosts several wellness events.

Interview: 5 minutes with Chris

Jenise Ray

Wellness Consultant

Jenise is happy, compassionate and professional in her service and approach to all NextGen Wellness customers.

She has always believed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a basic practice.

She joined the team after her own experiences which led to a deeper understanding that holistic and healthy lifestyle practices can make a huge difference to your wellbeing.

Jenise has proven to be a popular member of the team and enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and promoting it to the NextGen Wellness community!

Ismelda Hristov

Wellness Consultant

Ismelda is a highly empathetic, caring and motivating consultant who is deeply passionate about helping others and promoting NextGen Wellness activities, products and services.

Originally a customer of NextGen Wellness, her success in the programs and passion for the products and services made her a perfect addition to the NextGen Wellness family.

Inspired by her interactions with NextGen Wellness customers, Ismelda is happy to share an honest account of her own personal experiences with our products and programs.

Sarah Webb

Wellness Coach

Sarah is a trained weight loss consultant and successful life and wellness coach with qualifications recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She has also studied counseling and hypnotherapy and has more than five years experience working in the field. Sarah is equipped to guide you to achieving your goals using NextGen Wellness products.

If you’re looking to break away from old habits so that you can have the life you want, or need some motivation to make better progress – come and see Sarah at NextGen Wellness.

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