(Owner/Wellness Consultant)

How long have you been interested in health and nutrition? (And how did that come about?)
Natural therapies has always been a way of life for me. I was always a difficult one to get to take any medication and I never drank Coke because I knew it was bad for me. So for as long as I can remember I’ve always been passionate about this industry.

Why did you start NextGen Wellness?
I found that I was helping a lot of people to achieve really big results; and I was sacrificing myself to help them at the time. Eventually, I realised if I transformed my support into a business then it was mutually beneficial, and it actually enabled me to help a lot more people.

Why should people be interested?
NextGen was started to genuinely help people which is the core of the business. I refuse to have a product in my line just because it’s a best seller – if it’s not doing the job, it won’t be sold by NextGen Wellness. It’s really important to me that my customers are seeing and experiencing value at every contact with the business.

What kind of results can people expect by using your products?
The results can very, it honestly depends on the customer’s commitment to using the products and applying the knowledge we share with them. But in the vast majority of cases, many of our customers have experienced great results – some get results really quickly and some take a little bit longer; it really depends. And it also depends on history or underlying issues which are completely out of our control. The results people generally experience include weight loss, mental clarity, balancing hormones, improvement in joint health, energy, gut health, hair, skin and nails.

What do people buy from you?
We’re a boutique shop that genuinely cares about our customers which means we can offer a personal touch to our customer service. Our customers are our friends and it’s a really fun, familiar atmosphere in the shop and we just love people dropping in to say hi.

What services do you offer?
We offer three main services in the business, including:
– Wellness consultations
– Weight management
– Body compositions
– Life and wellness coaching
– Information sessions and events
And we’re currently partnering with other professionals in the industry to expand our offer.

Tell us about the cool scales you have – what’s that all about?
These are our body composition scales. They give us a more detailed picture of what’s happening on the inside. The snapshot includes: distribution of different fat types such as visceral fat, hydration levels, muscle mass and bone mass.
And one of the more popular features of the body composition scales is that it also gives us your metabolic age – which is how you’re functioning on the inside. This can be up to plus or minus 15 years of your biological age – our clients love it!

Have you done the program?
Yes – I have done all our weight management programs.
Although I haven’t done the hormone balancing program – because that’s for women – we have got really good results from the women who are on those programs.

Be honest – what was it really like?
I personally love the latest weight management program we have introduced – it includes delicious food, it’s easy to fit into your daily routine and I personally got great results. I lost 8kg in two months and worked to maintain it in the third month, which I did successfully – and have maintained.
There was no extra exercise, which really suited me as a busy business owner. But there is an option for those who do want to do more exercise.
If you’re really busy, like me, it really helps to plan ahead and have your meals organised. So on those busier days you can just enjoy it.

What was the greatest benefits you got?
My gut health improved significantly over all. I’m naturally a very health-conscious person anyway, but I really did notice that my abdominal pains had reduced and I didn’t have indigestion. These are really common signs that gut health is improved.

What was the most challenging part of the program for you?
The biggest challenge was probably making it to the grocery store – because it’s just normal, healthy food. It was honestly really easy!
I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t hungry – I actually felt the best I have in a long time.

You have two minutes to teach people about health and wellness – what would you talk about?
I would concentrate on three things:
– Make sure the quality of the water you drink is filtered and alkaline
– Make sure you are getting the right nutrition, it’s not all available in food which is why the supplements are vital
– Check what you clean your body and home with because there’s a lot of harsh chemicals that makes your body work harder to get rid of. This increases your nutritional demands, it increases your water needs because it affects your hydration levels, and a wide variety of things from skin to hormones to mental health to gut health … the list is endless…

Who would win the fight – Superman or Batman – and why?
Batman – because of all his techie stuff. He’s a geek – I’m a geek … geeks win!