Affiliates & Partnerships

NextGen Wellness collaborates with many different professionals across a variety of industries, to bring you the latest in health and wellness products and services.

In fact, our close-knit team spans the entire world!

Looking to partner with us?

We offer several partner and affiliate programs and hope to negotiate something to suit you!

We are always on the look out for like-minded professionals who are interested in partnering with us so we can work together to achieve our goals, broaden our reach and offer our customers even better value for money with more variety in products and services.

The primary professionals we are interested in connecting with include:
* Massage Therapists
* Acupuncturists
* Kinesiologists
* Psychotherapists
* Hypnotherapists
* Life Coaches
* Wellness Coaches
* Nutritionists
* Naturopaths
* Gym Owners / Personal Trainers
* Reiki Practitioners
* Yoga Instructors / Pilates Instructors

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us


We have a room available for professional use

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