Probiotics Vs Synbiotics

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Probiotics are a great thing;

You may have heard of the benefits of probiotics in recent times. There is no question about the importance of the health of your Gi tract (Gastrointestinal tract). Taking a probiotic supplement can be a great idea, especially if you experience digestive discomfort or have had a course of antibiotics.

What you may not know is the vast majority of probiotics on the market are the proverbial drop in the ocean in volume when compared to the quantity of good and bad bacteria that reside in your Gi tract!

Let’s consider this…

The average dose of probiotic contains a mere 10—50 billion good bacteria or if it’s really strong 100 billion. Take off the untold billions that don’t make it past our stomach acids when we take a probiotic. Then throw that up against the trillions of bad bacteria in our gut!

Yes, Trillions!

It’s generally accepted that there are somewhere in the vicinity of  100trillion bacteria that make up our gut and it’s mostly good. Now, if things get out of balance you end up with trillions of bad bacteria and you quickly see how a mere 10-100 billion good bacteria in a probiotic supplement is a drop in the ocean. It’s just not a fair fight!

Bring in the Synbiotic supplement!

These probiotics start off, like the others, at around 30billion good bacteria, however, they are delivered differently. The difference is; preparing them with their own food source (packed lunch) prior to consumption. This different delivery method, when done correctly, has the effect of boosting the bacteria count up to 1 – 1.5 Trillian bacteria as a minimum.

Now you have a fair fight!

To illustrate this have a look at the graphic below, where I have compared top 5 results on google under the shopping tab when searching for “probiotics” (at the time of writing) with the Synbiotics in question;


Probiotics Strength Vs Synbiotic Strength © NextGen Wellness

I have also created a price comparison;

This show you how much each of the 6 brands cost per 1 Trillion good bacteria;


Probiotics Price Vs Synbiotic Price © NextGen Wellness

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