Everyone loves to know how people are going on our programs. Here are our most recent testimonials!

Meet Laurence, 45

“When I hit 35 all my clothes started shrinking, so I decided to get in shape and release some fat.

I dropped 7.7kg and kept it off using NextGen Wellness’ rapid weight loss program. As I released the toxins out of my body throughout the
program, I realised the fat would go as well. And I continued to enjoy this healthy lifestyle well after I got to my ideal weight.

Today at 45 years my VO2 Max is 59 which gives me a fitness age of under 20 years!”

Meet Heather, 42

“In my early 40’s I found my body was changing and not as responsive to my usual approach. I noticed I was slowly gaining weight and wasn’t able to shift it as easily as I had in the past and I was not consistently exercising.

A friend suggested I tried NextGen Wellness’ Easy Weight Management system and I am excited about the results I have achieved. I have lost the weight in the areas where I wanted – including arms, waist, hips and thighs.

This is the easiest program I have ever done and found the food guide delicious and easy to manage on a day to day basis.”

Meet Chantal, 33

“I was going through my pics and found this!

30kg’s gone never to return after doing NextGen Wellness’ weight management program.

*happy dance*

No more hormone issues, no more gut problems!!!”

Meet Tim, 40

“NextGen Wellness’ rapid weight loss FINISHED!!! And I am stoked with the results!

It’s important at this age that my nutrition needs to match my goals. I used the 80/20 rule to achieve my goals. Bulking up used to be fun, and was needed to be competitive on the footy field, but now it’s much more about nutrition and low body fat that gets the results I want.

I’m proud to share this and I love seeing results not only for myself but for others who are committed to theirs.”