Hormone Balancing Cream

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When the hormonal system is out of balance or functioning improperly; a woman can experience a wide variety of symptoms depending on her age, ranging from menstrual dysfunction in her reproductive years through to elevated menopausal symptoms as the years progress.

Hormonal imbalances can have a wide range of causes originating from both within and outside the body and the symptoms have the potential to seriously impact on the quality and enjoyment of life.


Using traditional ingredients to work with the body to maintain the normal regulatory effect of the hormonal system. Utilising the active constituents of selected essential oils in a moisturising base, also containing extracts of wild yam, chaste berry, aloe vera, rose hip oil and vitamin E.

The essential oils in Balance Cream have traditionally been used for symptomatic relief of the discomforts associated with PMS and also for the relief of nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety. This is a specialised product is designed to offer specific support for the particular needs of a woman through all stages of life. Empowering women to take control of their wellbeing.


Gynaecological health
  • to help maintain the normal regulatory effect of the female hormone system
  • can help with symptoms of hormonally related issues such as
    • hot flushes
    • Benign breast lumps (applied locally)
    • lower abdominal cramps
    • female fertility issues
    • hormonal acne
    • Hormonal migraines/headaches
    • endometriosis
    • polycystic ovarian syndrome
    • lacking breast milk production
    • and plenty more…
  • for the relief of menopausal symptoms and management of menopause
  • Symptomatic relief of premenstrual syndrome
  • Traditionally used for the management of dysmenorrhoea, heavy periods and/or irregular periods
Other Uses
  • used to relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety
  • may assist pain management for a wide variety of ailments


  • Reduce consumption of the following to help with hormonal imbalances: sugar, salt, dairy, and alcohol.
  • Ensure adequate intake of antioxidants and magnesium.
  • Stress reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation can help with hormonal problems.
  • Diet should consist mainly of fresh fruit, vegetables, essential fatty acids and lean protein sources such as fish, free range or organic chicken, turkey, lamb, venison etc. (get in touch for our Detoxification Food List.)
  • Eat organically grown foods to minimise increased hormone and pesticide residues
  • Include detoxifying and alkalising foods such as kale, spirulina, chlorella, garlic and dark leafy greens.
  • Fibre is important for removal of processed hormones and toxins.
  • Reduce body fat if overweight or obese. This can help
  • Change your bathroom, cleaning, skin care and cosmetic products over to safer natural products. check out this
  • Combine with other products in the women’s health range for greater effect


This lightweight, fast-absorbing body cream is perfectly formulated with essential oils in a light cream base specifically for women to help maintain the normal regulatory effect of the hormonal system.

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