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The Problem

Carbohydrates and starches, especially refined carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bread etc when consumed in excessive quantities are a major contributor to weight gain. These carbs break down into sugars as they are processed by your body. Reducing your consumption of high glycaemic carbohydrates will definitely help fight the battle and is recommended, however slowing the absorption of these carbs once in our digestive system may also help.

Key Ingredients

White Kidney bean

Helping to inhibit the function of the enzyme amylase (which breaks down starches into sugar) white kidney bean causes these starches to enter the digestive tract more undigested and therefore the amount of sugar extracted from them is reduced.

Hibiscus Flower

This to inhibits the digestion of starches similar to white kidney bean, however, hibiscus flower also has shown appetite suppressing effects, and may also reduce blood pressure.

Food for thought

For reducing the amount of calories absorbed by inhibiting carbohydrate digestion, carb blocker works well in addition to all our weight management systems. However, undigested carbs can cause a mild bloating effect as they travel through your digestive system, if that occurs we would recommend the use of our probiotic just to ensure you don’t have any discomfort, you can get that here Because your probably just like us and have enjoyed your festive season jump back into control with 15% off TODAY ONLY! get it here now.